Music styles in Latin America

Latino rhythms warmed the hearts of those with good bloods in 2019. The audience’s appetite for this kind of music reached such a rate that 9 out of 10 pieces of the charts were based on a bi-reggaeton, whether organic (J. Balvin, Maluma , Nicky Jam) or borrower.
Luis Fonsi and Shakira, both representatives of the pop sphere, quickly realized what is the secret ingredient of a big hit: reggaeton. And so, des-pa-ci-to, they have come to occupy the leading positions.

Of course, they were not the only ones. Other names we are familiar with, such as Becky J, Ricky Martin or Jennifer Lopez, have chosen the same route, both in terms of rhythm and carefully selected collaborations.

So … REGGAETON IS THE NEW POP! And this new trend, flexible and revitalizing, does not seem to be retreating, at least momentarily, despite the voices that chant for a scenario change.

The latino beats are obviously still working. In any language, region and version. But everything has an end, so we already notice a slight migration to buy latin beats the trap area.

Do you want to have fun, and at the same time keep in shape or lose extra pounds? Then, grab the Zumba! An aerobic form invented by a Colombian dancer, Zumba has won followers around the world.
Exercises, which are basically Latino dance moves, are alert and help to burn calories quickly. Cristina Hagiescu, Zumba instructor at Sala Lady Dance, tells you everything you need to know if you want to try this unique aerobic style.
“Born” in Colombia The Zumba story began in a small hall in Colombia where dancer Beto Perez, looking at his aerobic music CD one day, used one with the Latin music he had in the car, improvising the first hour of Zumba.

Later, in the United States, the same Perez joined forces with contractors Alberto Pearlman and Alberto Aghion and created Zumba, defined as an aerobics program inspired by Latin dances. Currently, over two million Zumba DVDs and more than 2,000 practice instructors have been sold worldwide this kind of aerobics.

Thus, Zumba has become a revolution, with millions of fans and Latin Pop Beats rhythms that make you feel the incendiary atmosphere of South American carnival. Dance training As the latin music is all vibrant and vibrant, Zumba stimulates your senses, and dynamic and sexy moves help you achieve visible and fast results on your body. Practically, this style combines energy and rhythmic music with Latin dance moves (cumbia columbiana, merengue, salsa and calypso) in an effective, dynamic and fun workout. Burning up to 1,000 calories Zumba’s movements are extremely varied.